2018 Projects

In the Centre’s second year, History students at the University of Gloucestershire worked on a number of projects that explored the rich and complex nature of the area’s past as part of the HM5002 Engaging Humanities module. See quotes from them below.

The following projects, which ranged from medieval battles and heritage walks, to the centenary celebrations of historic events, were exhibited at the Chapel Arts gallery in Cheltenham in September of 2018 as part of the ‘City Voices’ series of the Gloucester History Festival.

Click on the links below to access each project:

‘The Gastons’ & the Battle of Tewkesbury (1471)

Gloucester’s Historical Sites

Cheltenham’s Women’s Suffrage Campaign

‘Slum clearances’ on Cheltenham’s Lower High Street

The Legacies of the First World War

Quotes from students involved:

“HM5002 was a really great experience, as the research element was something that we don’t do a lot on the course but is really useful, especially when thinking about what we might like to do for further study and careers after university. Really interesting and engaging topics were offered and it was just a really fun and different way to learn!”

“The ability to shape the project in our own way, to suit our own group, was an excellent part of the module. It allowed us to produce a piece of work that was ours, and one that we could take pride in. HM5002 is an excellent module as it gives us a different experience of university – it was amazing to be able to produce something other than an essay for a change!”

“HM5002 was a great learning experience. It allowed those of us with a specialism to thrive and contribute fully, while allowing us to learn from each other. The group I was with fully engaged with the chosen project, and I feel that we all fed off of and into the enthusiasm of staff.”

“I really enjoyed the project my group looked at, and I found it incredibly engaging. In terms of getting a real hands-on experience with the course, doing an archaeological dig as part of the project was probably one of the highlights. It was great to have a practical experience in terms of research as well as looking in things such as archives. As it was something that all the group members chose to look at, I felt that we all worked together really well and complimented each other’s research preferences. As far as group projects go, this was probably my favourite one and we all equally enjoyed the dig, the research and being able to have it up during the exhibition.”

HM5002 enabled me to go out of my comfort zone by working in groups and engaging with the local community outside of the university, which was fantastic. In particular, attending an archaelogical excavation was something that I never thought I would get to experience. Overall, a very enjoyable module.”