2020 Projects

From January 2020, second year undergraduate students in History at the University of Gloucestershire undertook the following projects. These are now being exhibited virtually as part of this year’s Gloucester History Festival. Please click blog page to view blog posts written by students as they were conducting the research. Click on the titles to see the exhibits.

Edward Wilson: A Cheltenham Life

Exploring the life and legacy of one of Cheltenham’s most famous historical figures.

Remembering George Whitefield

Considers the controversial legacy of the Gloucester-born Methodist preacher, who became a leading figure in the Great Awakening in British America, but also had a problematic link to American slavery. This project will also be on display at St. Mary De Crypt Church in Gloucester

100 Years of GCHQ

This project looks at three main instances that Cheltenham-based GCHQ made the headlines.

Cheltenham’s Ragged School

This project continues CC4HH’s focus on the hidden history of Cheltenham and exploring experiences of poverty. It focuses on poor relief and education.