Our Projects

Each year the Centre focuses on a number of different themes with the aim of producing public-facing exhibitions for the Gloucester History Festival in September.

In 2016-17, staff and students worked on the first project, entitled ‘Cheltenham’s Lower High Street: Past, Present, and Future’, in collaboration with the Cheltenham Civic Society and the Cheltenham West End Partnership. This project explored one of the oldest but most neglected parts of the Regency town, aiming to appraise the area and create a more inclusive history of Cheltenham. The project culminated in an exhibition at the Chapel Arts gallery between 17-30 June 2017 and the production of a short documentary film. Staff contributions to the project were supported by the University of Gloucestershire’s Being Human Research Priority Area.

The Lower High Street Project acted as a springboard for a number of local history projects. Click on ‘Our Projects’ to find out more.