Professor Melanie Ilic, Professor of Soviet History at the University of Gloucestershire, is Lead Researcher on the Gloucestershire Local History Project. Prof Ilic has been awarded research projects by the ESRC, AHRC and the British Academy, and has worked on a number of international research projects funded overseas, including a number financed by the Finnish Academy.

Dr David Howell, who is currently working alongside History staff at the University of Gloucestershire on a part-time basis, is the co-ordinator of the Gloucestershire Local History Project. He has an extensive background in project design and management in heritage focused and community engagement projects, and his research makes extensive use of digital technologies. In addition to co-ordinating the project, Dr Howell will produce his own output arising from individual research conducted about the LHS.

Dr Abigail Gardner is Research Lead/Senior Lecturer in Music and Media at the University of Gloucestershire. Dr Gardner contributes to the project through her experience of successful completion of her research project My Jewish Storybook and her interest in soundscapes. A number of oral history interviews with local residents and traders will be conducted by the project research team. Several contacts have already been established with potential respondents, and some of these, with the respondents’ permission, will be filmed and edited. The interviews will be transcribed and analysed.

Dr Christian O’Connell is Academic Course Leader in History at the University of Gloucestershire. Primarily a cultural historian, Dr O’Connell is interested in the diffusion of African American culture in Europe and author of Blues, How Do You Do? (Michigan 2015). As part of a Fulbright award, he is working a project that considers the race relations in Italy during the Second World War, and has also  published an article that considers the representations of the American South in British popular culture.

Dr Erin Peters is Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Gloucestershire. With interdisciplinary interests in seventeenth-century cultural history and memory studies, Dr. Peters’ research focuses on the English Civil Wars and Restoration. Erin’s long-term research project is an interdisciplinary study of the impact of Civil war-related psychological trauma on medical and psychological theories between 1642-1681.

Dr Matthew Kidd, a recent PhD graduate from the University of Nottingham, is responsible for managing the online presence of the Gloucestershire Local History Project. Dr Kidd’s research focuses on the relationship between socio-political identities and progressive ideologies in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Britain. Dr Kidd will use oral testimonies and archival materials to explore the various aspects that make up the socio-political identities of LHS residents, and will examine if and how these identities – whether class-based, racial, ethnic, gendered, national and so on – have changed over time.

Dr Sarah Bowden is a collaborative curator and independent arts producer with particular interests in experimental artistic practices and generative processes of engagement with art and ideas. Dr Bowden was co-ordinator of the Cheltenham Borough Council-funded Lower High Street Archive project, which produced a publication of photographs and archive material, and an exhibition and symposium at The Wilson Gallery in January 2016.

Susan Brown is a current PhD student at the University of Gloucestershire whose research focuses on women in Gloucestershire in the early modern period. Her research for the LHS project involves the examination of a range of key primary source documents that will also benefit her PhD research. Susan’s contribution to the LHS project will extend beyond the timeframe of her PhD research topic, but will provide useful foundation for PGR historical source analysis. Her particular focus for the LHS project is on women traders and their role in family networks.

Dr Vicky Randall is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Gloucestershire. Dr Morrisroe has a specialist interest in European Intellectual History, and is particularly interested in the relationship between race, religion and historiography in the nineteenth century. Dr Morrisroe is currently working on a number of research projects including work on G. B. Vico and Thomas Arnold, and a monograph entitled Troubled Mirrors: Historical Time and the Problem of Progress in European Thought.