Lower High Street Film

The Lower High Street area is one of the oldest parts of Cheltenham, but its distinctive place in the history of the town has often been neglected. In this film produced by Unit 1, researchers and former residents of the Lower High Street discuss the area’s past, present and future.

We are always interested to hear the thoughts and responses of people of who see the film and the research done on the Lower High Street. We would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing our survey:

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6 thoughts on “Lower High Street Film

  1. Very interesting as I lived in the nags head pub on the corner of grandvill street late 50 s to 60 s lovely good memories of there lots of lovely shops I remember seeing the teddy boys fighting the police between the cinema and marchents garage the coal man delivered with a black horse the brewery with a pair of horse’s and a dray the trains going by lovely memories


  2. Lived in 405 high street in the early 50s ,big house with no electricity just gas lighting , next to coal merchants , The house was demolished to make way for the road and car park by the post office , The lower high street was my playground as a kid , parish school , the spread eagle pub, cinema car park , Mathews sweet shop , the waste ground behind the house was a play area for all the kids , lovely to see the area being remembered,


  3. I remember as a young boy walking up the lower high street with my mother. Very diffetent now. My Grand mother lived in Townsend Street. Then moved to the Moors.


  4. My husbands Mother worked in her brothers fish shop Iddles. They always had fish in Thursdays… in the season
    Elvers… a delicacy
    Apparently Monk fish was sent in with the cod occasionally. By mistake … uncle Bill who owned the shop would be furious … now very expensive …


  5. Happy childhood memories always remember gooing to Townshend get r drippers we lived in Russell Street the Cross family my gran and aunties in towhsend very close community never felt alone nic speech Clive and Ann from cafe who worked with my dear mum Doris cross at bonella switches really enjoyed READING THIS ARTICLE SUE CROSS WAS THEN


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