But that end of town…

But That End Of Town A1 Poster Layup


We are always interested to hear the thoughts and responses of people of who see the film and the research done on the Lower High Street. We would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing our survey:

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One thought on “But that end of town…

  1. I remember playing in the street – in the road – it was fine. There were hardly any cars about then in the 1950’s – not in St Pauls anyway! Only the rich people had cars then, my dad had a motorbike with a sidecar on it. When I was a teenager I used to roller skate down to Mauds Elm, near Swindon Road and back. My sister & I used to walk to Swindon Village via the old tip & over the railway line – it was great fun & we were always safe.


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